Settling into our cruise for 50 days

3 January

IMG_3126We are now situated on the P & O ship Oriana and in about two hours time we will set sail on an epic 50 day cruise (yes, 50 days of cruise!) that takes in the Azores, Bermuda, 4 US ports (should have been 3), Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, St Vincent, Barbados, Tobago and 3 stops up the Amazon before returning via the Cape Verde Islands and Tenerife.

This is one hell of a trip and is at least a week longer than our cruise back from Sydney two years ago.  Will we survive?  Will we go crazy?  Only time will tell.

As with all cruises run by P & O, one of the first things to do even before your luggage arrives in your cabin is to attend the usual safety drill and this cruise is no exception, cabin staff checking all cabins and public areas to ensure all have attended before releasing us from our bright orange life vest.

We then unpack, hanging carefully those clothes that might be needed for the formal nights on board – there are 14! but our main case won’t fit in the cupboard or under the bed so our cabin steward takes it from us for us to see it hopefully in 50 days time.


Our cabin for 50 nights

We do have to complain about the configuration of the cabin as there are two bunk beds folded up which restrict our movement somewhat.

That is not what we expected when we booked and we can not even stand up straight beside the bed. Reception not helpful but to be fair it was in the small print on the brochure he showed us (you would realistically need an extremely large telescope to read the small print though!) so we will have to make do.

Sail away a bit of a damp squid as we are late leaving so opt for dinner early, a good move as restaurant is virtually empty.

We have opted for Freedom dining although in practice will turn up at just after 6pm each time – sadly though there is no sign of Raj, our friendly waiter from the last two cruises.

Our friends from earlier cruises, Brenda & Mick are on the cruise and they get seated next to us, along with their other friends, Colin & Wendy,  just as we are finishing: we will catch up later.

Headliners opening show is OK as is the singer but we are all tired and opt for an early night afterwards.  The Bay of Biscay tomorrow and you know what that is likely to be like.  See you on my next post.


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