Heading across the Bay of Biscay

Calm Sea

Just a calm sea

4 January

We have some “bad” news as we set sail, we are now not having two nights in Port Everglades (near Fort Lauderdale) as advertised, we are having one in Port Canaveral and one in Port Everglades instead! Apparently the US Authorities have dictated that there was to be no overnight berthing in Port Everglades.

Whilst we wouldn’t have particularly minded but where did we go to just over 11 weeks ago? Yes, Cape Canaveral ( see our blog on http://www.morereadrovers.wordpress.com ) and the main thing there is the Kennedy Space Centre so we may just stay on the ship unless some exciting tours to other than the Space Centre are conjured up by P & O between now and then.

This also scuppers my plan to hire a car on the first day of our stay in Port Everglades.

20170104_141006 (2)

Our position at 2:10pm on 4 Jan

Anyway, back to the crossing of the Bay of Biscay which is surprisingly calm all day, as we head down from the South West of Cornwall towards the north western tip of Spain although a bit wind by the end of the day.

We settle ourselves into the first of many port talks given by a very confident Emma, this time on our first Port of call: Ponta del Garda in the Azores and a talk on Frank Sinatra.

After the usual visits to the eateries on the ship – will we get off weighing more than when we got on? – our evening entertainment is from a sixties tribute band, The Revolvers in the badly designed and configured Pacific Lounge at the rear of the ship followed by in the Theatre Royal at the front of the ship,  Bernie Flint (he told the same jokes as he did when we last saw him on our 2015 cruise returning from Sydney) for John and I whilst Sally and Deirdre watched “Florence”.

5 January

Sea now a bit rougher, lots more wind and rain but of course it is still January and we are in the Bay of Biscay.  Today’s port talk is on Bermuda, one of the places new to us and we choose to spend the afternoon watching the new  film based on Swallows to Amazons.

The Cinema is absolutely packed but then we are all of a certain age as the original book was very popular when most of the ship’s passengers were growing up.

The film kept broadly to the original script (but why did they have to substitute Titty with Tatty?) with some good, and some not so good performances by the child actors and a new twist on the Swallows and Amazons story, perhaps reflecting the writer’s possible past as Arthur Ransome was rumoured to have been a spy for the Soviet Union! An interesting story nevertheless.

Lucy Williamson in her Judy Garland tribute act was very good tonight.

6 January

Another sea day as we head for Ponta Delgada, or do we? Captain Box announces that due to an expected high sea and high winds at Ponta Delgada, we are going to Praia da Vitoria instead. There will be a free shuttle bus into town which is about 4Km from the port – just as well.

The port talk today is on Port Everglades and then a talk on Sammy Davis Jr., who was by all accounts a troubled character.

An afternoon talk on the filming of “Walking with Dinosaurs ” with Chris Martin, who had appeared in the films.

Another good performance by Bernie Flint followed by the Revolvers both of which John & I went to whilst Sally and Deirdre watched a somewhat strange film which included a scene where a guy hides inside the carcass of a horse!

The clocks go back one hour tonight, we are moving away from England and we get to get off the ship tomorrow.





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