The Azores – Praia da Vitoria

IMG_2786 (2)7 January 2017

Our revised port of Praia da Vitoria is situated on the southern coast of the Cape Verde Island of Terciera and about 90km from Ponta Delgada which was our original destination.

Praia da Vitoria is not the largest of the two towns on the island and is a 50 minute walk from the cruise berth so we are glad of the shuttle bus. In fact the change of port suits us as we haven’t been here before so even though it is not another country, it is a different island.


The main shopping area

Dropped at the top of a hill in town, we meander down the hill stopping to buy a belt (I forgot to bring a brown one) and watch some folk dancing that was obviously hastily put on when the locals knew we were visiting.


Deirdre joining in

Quite entertaining and interactive as well, as Deirdre was able to join in at one stage.

We then find our way to the main church, Igreja Matriz, which is sumptuously decorated in gold and then down hill to the Igreja do Santo Cristo  which is in complete contrast, very light and white inside with some stunning blue and white paintwork outside.

As it was just after Christmas, a creative nativity scene and some well presented flowers were still on show inside with some local guides on hand to assist with any questions – thoughtful.


Igreja Matriz

Now down to the harbour to find a couple of cafes that will suit us for our internet fix. €1 each for a coffee and Internet access is pretty good value and the coffee was good as well.


Igreja do Santo Cristo

Unfortunately, there is not enough time for me to download all my e-mails before Sal and I head back along the coastal path and then slowly up the hill to the shuttle bus and lunch on the ship.

Meanwhile,  John & Deirdre join the few hardy souls who venture up the zig zag path up to the lookout.


The zig zag path to the lookout

The locals, obviously delighted to see us at such short notice were very friendly although what you would do on the island for longer than a few days, as there don’t appear to be many beaches to serve the 15 hotels is an unanswered question.

Well, the change of port destination from Ponta Delgada, which we had been to 2 years earlier, was a change for the better and we think we liked this Azorean island better.

Football on the television occupies my afternoon – F A Cup 3rd round – whilst Sal, Deirdre and John see a film about American spies, ‘Keeping up with the Jones’ before we all then see the late show in the Theatre Royal, a stand up comic, impressionist and musician, Liverpudlian, Fogwell Flax. How on earth did that name arise?

Oh well, the ship sails tonight with another two days at sea before we reach Bermuda.


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