Approaching the US ports

14 January

fullsizeoutput_36dbA couple of sea days before we reach the US coast and some warmer weather to explore the outside of the ship including the distinctive aft shape of Oriana.

So, we were supposed to be heading to Port Everglades after Bermuda but is this cruise turning out to be the cruise that goes wrong?

1. We couldn’t get into Ponta Delgada
2. We have to go to Port Canaveral instead of two nights at Port Everglades
3. A computer breakdown resulting in all passengers being sent to their rooms & us missing a concert
4. Departing Hamilton, we suffer an engine failure and go round in a circle whilst the engine is fixed
5. Today, Captain Box says that whilst in New Orleans, the ship has to move from 1 berth to another overnight
6. Now the Internet is broken, not that this affects us.


Arguably the best manager Watford FC ever had

A Football morning, watching Spurs score 4 but in an emotional day for Watford (Graham Taylor died on Thursday morning) it ends goalless.

A nice tribute on the Oriana’s daily newspaper the day after he died which I tried (a few days later) to update to the Watford Fan page on Facebook without success, sadly.

Watch the Harmony Duo in the afternoon and a couple of singers in the evening interspersed with Chris Martin playing the Clarinet and Saxophone in the Crow’s nest.

Tonight is a dressing up night and we decide on a pre dinner drink – however, we seem to have managed to gate crash a Captain’s drinks party in the Crow’s nest by not having an invitation but still managing to get in and get a free drink with a photo with the Deputy Captain.  Whoops!

At Dinner, a guest on an adjacent table was so incensed with a person apparently wearing jeans in the dining room on a dressing up day, she left her meal uneaten and left the dining room in a huff! How childish.

15 January

A talk today on Louis Armstrong by Chris Martin which is timely as we will soon be at New Orleans and dinner with Mick & Brenda, Colin & Wendy and another show by The Unexpected Boys. They were so good we bought their CD.


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