Port Everglades

20170117_13050817 January

After Port Canaveral, we have travelled out to the Atlantic and back in again some 200 miles south at Port Everglades, where we should have berthed 24 hours earlier!

Port Everglades is a misleading name for this area as it is nowhere near the Florida Everglades being really a port for Fort Lauderdale. The P&O organised tours were to places we had recently been to so instead, catch bus shuttle to Galleria at Fort Lauderdale with a walk around the shopping centre and a few bargains in Macy’s: 4 items for $35.


Trolley Tour in Fort Lauderdale

Not a lot else at the small mall that was of interest so we head out with the intention of visiting Publix but find a trolley bus tour for $3 each although it does take the same route back to the cruise ship area that we earlier travelled on, so the only new areas we saw were the two or three miles on from there to the Medical Centre. Not bad though for $3.

Stay on trolley for the return and get off to see if the Water taxi is available, find it at Stop 9 at Gallery one Double Tree Suites but the prices are designed for a day visit at $21 for Seniors which would be a bit steep just for a couple of hours maximum so we just walk over to Publix for our shopping and take the cruise ship’s shuttle back to the ship.


Fort Lauderdale beach

Back along the beach road where the adjacent beach is quite busy and very clean although only one person seen in the sea as the breakers are quite big.

A duo tonight is our first excellent entertainment; two girls from North London, a pianist (Sarah Kershaw) and flautist (Rosie Reed) who together make up Damask Duo, with amongst other material, a very modern piece from Ian Clark, a modern composer for flute.  You can find more details about what they perform at https://joinencore.com/Damask-Duo

Afterwards we are entertained by Zoe Tyler, her of ‘Loose Women’ fame.

I can’t say I would rush back to either Port Canaveral or Port Everglades in a hurry although of course they may feature in future cruises, perhaps as a starting/ending port?


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