New Orleans

IMG_302420 January

New Orleans and the 2nd time we have been here, the first being October 2015 after a road trip from Nashville and Memphis. (see my blog at


Ferry from Algiers in the fog.

Today we arrive with a slow meander up the Mississippi in a bit of fog to our berth near the Julia Street Cruise terminal.

John & Deirdre are on a walking tour of the city and we do a bit of retail therapy for souvenirs then catch the Red line tram towards the cemeteries.


Anti Trump protest

Today is the inauguration of Donald Trump as the next USA president so not sure what to expect in the way of anything to do with the occasion really as we have never been in the USA on an inauguration day.

We make our way up from the City centre in the Red Tram and soon find we are slowed by police cars and queued traffic. Stop and get off when we see a parade which actually turns out to be a small anti Trump demonstration.


Interesting T shirt!

Don’t look at the destination of next tram which goes off towards the Arts Centre – not where we wanted to go, so head back into town to await John & Deirdre with a view to going on the green tram up St Charles Street.

Unfortunately our plans are thwarted as there is a big queue and the 1st tram leaves empty, possibly going back to depot with a long wait afterwards.

Sod’s law, we decide to go early tomorrow morning instead, move away from the queue and one comes along!


Beignets for lunch

Instead, we go off for lunch in the Cafe Beignets down Royal Street whilst John & Deirdre head off on the red tram to the cemeteries.

After our Beignets we slowly make our way back to the ship picking up good internet access at the cruise terminal.


Evening Jazz on the Mississippi

We are out tonight on the Creole Queen paddle boat for a cruise down stream with food and a couple of live bands. Very good food, with the indoor band better than the top deck one. A very good evening.


Creole Queen

Back to the ship in our 100 yard coach ride  –  we could have walked it quicker – and watch a local band on stage, the Loose Change Band, who are a 5 piece jazz band with an excellent pianist.

21 January

The Port Authorities have decided the ship should move to another dock downstream overnight so are awake at about 5am due to very loud engine noise.

This is to accommodate another P & O ship – the Oceana – whose passengers need to pass through immigration (and probably will take just as long as we did at Port Canaveral last week).


Call this a cruise terminal?

We have absolutely nothing at our new docking area, absolutely nothing, but at least we get a free shuttle bus into the City although it is only to the French Quarter by the French Market.

As a result, spend some time in the market, buying souvenirs instead of heading for Canal Street and the St Georges Street tram.


New Orleans Cathedral

A relaxing few minutes in the Cathedral and we (eventually) find our way again to Café Beignets for lunch after which we head back slowly to the shuttle bus whilst John & Deirdre head off on their own having to dodge the big anti Trump protest march that seemed to converge on The French Quarter.


Street Musicians

As always, there are so many street musicians, you could spend hours listening, and all of a very good quality as well.

Manage to catch up on the football with free internet access on the bus but for some reason, was blocked!


Cathedral ceiling

Especially frustrating as there is no SKY TV on board until 5:30 pm when we leave our berth.

The TV reception had worked well the previous day, but P & O obviously decided that Saturday (a football day) was not a good day to put the service on! 🙁


Rain Storm in New Orleans

No sooner were we all on board than an almighty storm descends, delaying our departure but it does give a few photo opportunities as the mist rises out of the water after the storm passes.

Entertainment tonight was the female duo, Damask Duo followed by a male singer, pianist, Dean Stansby, not brilliant but obviously talented.

22 January

A sea day in the Gulf of Mexico with some strong winds and two port talks. We gave a miss to a lecture on “The Big Bang” by an American lady professor who seems to enjoy sticking pencils in her hair.

Entertainment tonight is a cellist, Andrew Skrimshire, who was good but whose music was often drowned by the backing orchestra followed by a Magician, Philip Hitchcock, who talked a lot and included a trick with a piece of paper that bounced up and down in mid air.



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