IMG_303923 January

Progreso, Mexico. I think the purpose of stopping here is probably to get tourists on tours to the Mayan ruins some of which are a 30k ride away.


Progreso’s long pier

We are moored at a long pier, over 4 km long so the town provides a shuttle bus down the pier to the town centre’s bus station.


Church with no wall (behind me)

This is not a touristy destination at all with not a lot to see as it is a working town.

A wander around town though finds a square with some kissing chairs, an open at one side church and a very smelly beach although there are many people on the beach taking in the Sun’s rays, including some topless girls (didn’t think anyone did that now!).


Clothes for sale

Film tonight is The Beatles, Hard Days Night, more a documentary than a film, and an interesting (modern) history lesson.

24 January

A hot sea day after a bit of a rough night on the way to Jamaica.

Our Port talk today is on Barbados and an afternoon concert provided by the Damask Duo but another dressing up night, the 7th of 13!

Evening entertainment from Dean Stansby who was better than the other night with his singing of songs penned by Lennon & McCartney and Elton John to name but two.


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