St Vincent (without the Grenadines!)

IMG_316830 January

St Vincent, our 4th new country visited since retirement and we all just aim to walk to the churches of Kingstown, the Capital which are some way through the bustling town with its market stalls, shops and every type of office represented; banks, dentists, insurance companies and the like.



Probably what we should have done is get a taxi to the Tropical gardens and then walk back or get a taxi back to the churches, but we didn’t!


St George’s Cathedral

The first church – St George’s Cathedral – needs some renovation work inside but seemed to be clean outside.


Stained Glass window in St George’s cathedral

A stained glass window exists that was rejected by Queen Victoria as it had red angels and is in need of some repair as well.

Nearby is the Catholic cathedral, the outside appearance of which is one of neglect with a lot of dirty stonework but inside it was completely different with some nice simple decor and sporting what could be a 50″ TV inside the church.

We were not allowed into some parts of the building but we were able to walk through a lovely courtyard although here again, the stonework is in need of cleaning.


Catholic Church from St St George’s Cathedral grounds

Walking back slowly (John and Deirdre walk up to the Botanical Gardens) we stop and look in the Methodist church, again well decorated inside and awaiting a visit from school children some of whom we saw outside the church who were probably aged about 4 in their smart uniforms.


Courtyard in Catholic Church

Sadly the front of the inside of the church was spoiled, from my perspective by a big screen that has been inserted for the purposes, I assume of showing films, pictures and the like.


Methodist church

Just a restful afternoon and tonight’s entertainment was courtesy of Ida ( in the Pacific lounge and Ukebox in the main theatre.

Both were much better than their first concerts, especially Ukebox with their dancing around the stage.

Tomorrow we will be inĀ Barbados and a submarine adventure beckons.


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