Barbados Atlantis

31 January

Today we are in Barbados and it is our third visit in just over a year (arrival and departure on a cruise the previous year were the first two – (see:- – postings in February and March 2016)

This time we have booked an Atlantis submarine tour, much to Sally’s trepidation. I had been on one many years ago in the Cayman Islands so was interested to see what this one was like.

A short drive to the dockside followed by a boat ride into the bay, a transfer to the side of the submarine and we were soon clambering down the steep stairs to take our seats. We are facing outwards with large portholes in front of us and have our safety talk from our very entertaining guide who puts lots of fun into her talk.


Awaiting entering the submarine 


Inside Atlantis XV

Soon we are on our way, diving down to a maximum of 142 ft below sea level, feel no rocking in our pressurised cabin and Sally’s fears are allayed as we find lots of different fish, a turtle, lots of coral and plant life all pointed out to us with a running commentary from our excellent guide.


View from our porthole

We had obviously been the first tour of the day as no one had got back onto the boat from the submarine when we arrived alongside the submarine but on the way back, another tour was ready to submerge.


Atlantis submarine

On the way back to the dock, there just happened to be some left over Rum Punch available which went down very well despite it being lunch time.


Rum Punch

Normally we never buy photos of our activities as in our experience the quality isn’t great and the cost is high. However, this was different and our photo was only $5, a bargain (see top photo).

We are taken back to the cruise terminal for some decent internet access, possibly our last good access until we get to Tenerife in just over 2 weeks!

Nothing to get excited about in our entertainment schedule tonight, so we watch the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean film, At World’s End, some of which was filmed in St Vincent where we were yesterday although sadly we were not able to get to see the locations.


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