IMG_32671 February

Another month, another port; Tobago, and we are the only ship in so are able to moor alongside at Scarborough rather than be tendered in.


Scarborough cruise and ferry terminal

Again, lots of wooden colourful houses scattered on the hillside basking in the Caribbean sunshine.


View from Fort King George

All four of us bag a taxi for $90 for a three hour trip that includes, firstly, a stop at Fort King George just outside Scarborough and up an extremely steep hill near the old hospital.

The fort has some wonderful views across the bays which, I suppose is why the fort was built there in the first place.


Powder Magazine

The buildings are well preserved and have informative descriptions (as shown next to the Powder Magazine) which helps considerably. One of the buildings also sported some bats hanging upside down on the roof.


Mason Falls

Mason Falls near Moriah is the next stop and we get out for a quick photo opportunity, and whilst the locals are obviously proud of this (the taxi driver says he used to play in the area as a kid) the falls are a bit small in comparison with other ones we have seen.



We get back on our travels and Plymouth is our next stop past some school children on their sports lessons and a kiln.


Mrs Betty Stiven’s grave

At Plymouth we stop for sight of the Mystery grave of Mrs Betty Stiven after having a walk on the cliffs above the gloriously blue Caribbean sea with some fishing boats acting as a Pelican resting perch.


Pelican Perch

We also stop at  Courtland Point and Fort Bennet where we walked up the hill for the views and managed to stumble upon some artistic mushrooms on a tree stump and then on to our final stop, Pigeon Point which costs us $3.50 each to get in.

We manage a brief swim at the beautifully sandy beach which is home to much wildlife as well as sun bathers.


Beach wildlife

I think this would be the ideal place for a leisurely get-a-way with beach walks and shady parts to avoid the sun’s rays.


Pigeon Point beach

Our guide tells us about where he grew up, the church he goes to and the schools he went to with, at one school, a steep hill to climb back home from school.


Pigeon Point beach

The island is rich in vegetation and is reasonably well built up although they only have a population of about 65,000 but the traffic getting back into town was horrendous and some of the other drivers pretty reckless.


Corn for sale

We do manage the journey without incident though passing a fruit market with lots of corn and bananas and get back to the ship well in time for departure.

A fast ferry from Trinidad docks next to us, it is of a similar design to the Mannannan at home but, I think, slightly smaller.


Inter island ferry


A priceless Watford win

Tonight’s entertainment is from The 4 Keys (a pianist and saxophonist) who play some classical music that is not as lively as other classical musicians have been and The 4 Keys, a four boy band with more songs from the shows but the day belongs to Watford FC with a surprising 2-1 win at Arsenal.

I can’t wait to get back here.



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